It is a sensible decision towards becoming green and replacing your old conventional energy grid with a sun solar panel system. We’ve helped thousands of Americans just like you go solar and invest in today’s technology, allowing you to start saving money, helping the environment, and breaking free from your Utility Monopoly. Don’t be fooled by the competition; solar isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To create a solution that works best for you, smart engineering is required.

Some of the challenges our professional team tries to answer are where to site your system, how big or small it should be, what the financial investment package looks like, and whether you are a good candidate for solar. Our experienced advisors will help you determine whether sun solar is the correct fit for you during a preliminary assessment. Trees and the age of your roof are two of the qualifying factors, and if you need financing, our experts can assist you in finding a solution that is right for your credits

  • Total project costs are eligible for a 26% federal income tax credit.

The Solar Tax Credits (ITC) offered by the federal and state governments are a genuine dollar-for-dollar reduction in actual income taxes that a person would otherwise pay to those governments, not a percentage decrease. The ITC is calculated using a solar project’s gross system cost, which may include any necessary repairs or modifications that are required to complete the sun solar installation. For example, a homeowner who needs a new roof, trees cut down, and a meter or service panel upgrading may be able to use the charges as a foundation for the ITC.

(To clarify, roof costs may only be added for the portion of the roof where solar panels will be installed, and trees may only be included if they cover the portion of the roof where sun solar panels will be installed.) ITCs are not available to everyone; they are determined by your income and the amount of offset available. Watt Peak Solar strongly advises that you check with your accountant to make sure you’re eligible. The tax credits can cut the overall project cost by 30–40%, or $14,000.00, for many qualifying homeowners.

The 30% Federal Income Tax Credit will be phased off in the following order:

2018 30%
2019 30%
2020 26%
2021 26%
2022 26%
2023 22%
2024 0%