Series: JAGUAR

Over 360Wp & Over 440WP

Tri-Cut Technology (TCC) reduces resistive power losses.
The Extended Matrix-Interconnection Technology minimizes power loss due to shading effect.
The 0 Gap Technology increases the active area and leads to higher efficiency.

The Jaguar Series with efficiency up to 20,81% and power class up to 445 Wp is an ideal solution for area constrained installations or to optimize the Balance of System by decreasing the installation costs.

The combination of high Vmp and lower Imp improves the performances of PV plants by decreasing the resistive losses in modules interconnections

The internal electrical structure improves the resilience to localized shadowing and the modules reliability. stresses on the Silicon – Copper interface.


The module efficiency is improved by increasing the Active area. The 0-Gap technology allows the complete removal of the Inactive area between solar cells of the same string.

The Tri-Cut technology: by splitting cells in three parts (and thus decreasing to 1/3 the current) pushes forward the efficiency limit of Half-Cut modules.